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Dear Warrior Run Parent/Guardian:

The Warrior Run School District is committed to providing our families with current and up to date information regarding our students.  Over the last few years, that information has expanded to much more than just grades.  In light of the need for more current information, as a district, we are transitioning to a new and more expansive student information system, Sapphire K-12 Systems.  The system will allow increased opportunities for two-way communication, class/assignment information, access to student data, and more.  Our goal throughout this process has been to enable our community to access and change information in a smooth, seamless manner.  Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Warrior Run Parents and Guardians will have the ability to log into the Sapphire Community Web Portal to view grades, attendance, contact information, and so much more regarding their children.  To enable our community to successfully and smoothly make this transition, the Warrior Run School District has constructed an online registration process that will enable parents/guardians to gain access to Sapphire.

Any parent or guardian wishing to set up their new access to Sapphire may immediately log into the Sapphire Community Web Portal and complete the process.  To do so, please navigate to, select the Parents tab, and click on the Sapphire Portal.  From there, follow the instructions below to create a username and password, and then provide all the required information for you and your child(ren).  Our goal is to provide all parents or guardians access to Sapphire within 3 business days from the completion of their respective application process.  To further ensure a smooth transition for our community to Sapphire, the Warrior Run School District will also be providing numerous opportunities to help our families with this transition.  At each building Back to School Night and Meet Your Teacher Night, a Sapphire Enrollment Station will be set up to assist any Parent or Guardian with enrollment.  Enrollment stations will also be available in the main office of all of our schools for your convenience.  Parents/Guardians should direct all questions or issues to our Sapphire Support email at  We are committed to making this transition as smooth and as easy as possible for our families and students.



Alan J. Hack, Ed.D.

1. How to create the parent Community Web Portal account in Sapphire:

Click on the for PARENTS tab on the district homepage

Click on Sapphire Portal on the drop down menu

Click Create a Web Portal Account on the left side

Follow all the prompts to complete the online account registration process (you must have a valid email address – you may sign up for a free g-mail account at

You will receive an email upon submitting the online application.   You will receive a second email when the account is approved and finalized by the building secretary.

The second email will include a five-digit PIN generated by the Sapphire system. You can then login to Sapphire with the username and password that you selected in the online application and the system-generated PIN provided in the second email.

2. How to update contact information in Sapphire:

Log into your parent Community Web Portal account

On the Community Web Portal home screen, click on your child at the left

Click Change Student Data under Student Backpack at the left.

Review the information on this page and make changes if needed and click Save Changes button.

Changes are reviewed by the building offices before taking effect.

3. How to set up alternate notification settings in Sapphire:

Log into your parent Community Web Portal account

Click on your name at the top right to access your Account Settings page

Click on Notifications at the left

Click the dropdown next to Global Setting and choose Custom

Click on the green “plus sign” next to emergency, School Announcements and Updates, Attendance, etc. to expand the options.

Drop down the Step Method, and select your first notification choice:  Voice Call, Text Message, Email.

Drop down the Point of Contact, and select.

Drop down the Options, and select.

Click Add Step, if you wish to add another method of notification.  Repeat for additional steps.

Repeat the process for School Announcements and Updates.  BE SURE TO CHECK THE SUBSCRIBE BOX AT THE RIGHT FOR EACH NOTIFICATION!

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE:  The default settings for our notification system is set to call ALL numbers in the system AND send a text to any listed cell phones. 

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