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Warrior Run Elementary School Construction Updates

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The Warrior Run School District is embarking on a project to construct a new, fully accessible, state-of-the-art elementary school on the existing Warrior Run Middle/High School complex to be called Warrior Run Elementary School.

Following a yearlong feasibility study in 2014, the Board engaged Breslin Architects to design a new elementary school for the District.  Following several iterations of configurations and locations, the Board voted to engage Breslin Architects.  On October 28, 2019, the Board voted to approve the proposed schematic design and to proceed with the design development phase of a new three-story elementary school on the main campus that would house K-6 students.  The Board's priorities included a centralized parking area, preservation of farmland, walkability to the main campus, and a safe intercampus bus loop.  Over the course of the next year, the architects and engineers designed a master facility plan that also includes a stadium upgrade.  The athletic stadium will include an artificial turf and all-weather track that will also act as a large portion of the stormwater management system.  The stadium will hold football, soccer, and field hockey games making way for new baseball and softball fields on the former soccer fields.  

master plan

The new 99,000-square-foot K-6 Elementary School will be a three-story structure that will accommodate 700 to 850 students. The school is designed to house Kindergarten on the first level, 1st-3rd grades on the second floor, and 4th-6th grades on the third floor.  The first floor includes the music suite, gymnasium/cafeteria, library, flex space, and administrative offices.  The second floor features a unique learning stair adjacent to the art and STEM learning spaces as well as the small group intervention rooms.  Learning support and collaborative spaces are interspersed throughout each of the floors to enhance and support each grade level in its own neighborhood of classrooms.

The board has approved and adopted the maximum project cost of $37 million and the maximum building construction cost of $28.8 million for the school project.  The anticipated completion date of the stadium is August 2022 with the completion of new elementary school in November 2022.

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Q:  Why is a new elementary school being built?

A:  Due to aging facilities and a significant cost to repair existing facilities, the feasibility study conducted in 2014 indicated an efficiency savings by consolidating elementary schools and constructing a new structure.  Through various iterations of possible configurations, the Board voted to construct a K-6 elementary school to reach further efficiencies in this new structure.  Providing the space for 5th & 6th grade students in the new facility was a nominal increase in the overall project budget and allows for future growth.

Q:  When will the new school open?

A:  The projected completion date is November 2022.  When the 22-23 calendar is built, the District intends to provide an opportunity to allow for "move in."  This will hopefully be known in late-winter 2022.  When the building opens, only K-4 students will transition due to PlanCon purposes and the timing in which the Board submitted for reimbursement in 2015. (PlanCon provides State reimbursements for the new construction which was submitted as K-4 facility).  It is the District's intention to transition grades 5 and 6 for the start of the 23-24 school year.

Q:  What will happen to the middle/high school complex?

A:  The short answer is the middle/high school complex will become a 7-12 facility with an anticipated transition occurring prior to the 23-24 school year.  Additional renovations will need to occur, particularly in the current middle school (1950's construction) to accommodate the transition.  This includes (but is not limited to): a kitchen/cafeteria renovation, updated restroom facilities, relocation of industrial tech ed classrooms, replacement of deteriorating brick facade on the high school.

Q:  Where will sports practice/play during construction?

A:  Specific arrangements are being made through the Athletic Department to accommodate practices and competitions throughout construction.  Soccer will move to the AYSO fields in the interim while the majority of the sports will move to other facilities across the region.  For specific information, please contact Nate Butler (

Q:  What will the interior of the building look like?

A:  Please click here to view proposed renderings of the interior and exterior of the building.  

Q:  How will the project be funded?

A:  Over the past 6-7 years, the Board has strategically implemented a funding plan that has paid off former debt, built the capital reserve account, and gradually increased debt service.  In addition, the Board has capitalized on borrowing opportunities and low interest rates since 2017.  Due to these efforts and other cost savings measures, the Board has placed the District in a fiscally responsible situation that will fund this and future projects.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A.  For additional information, please contact our Superintendent, Alan Hack.  Our goal is to ensure that our community has access to accurate and timely information.  Additional questions may be added to this page as they may apply to the broader Warrior Run Community.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Superintendent or any member of the Board with questions related to the project.