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2023-2024 - Performance Objectives

Thor R. Edmiston, Ed.D. - Superintendent


  1. Strategic Cultural Leadership Objective

○      The Superintendent  will continue to develop a culture of collaboration, distributive leadership, and continuous improvement conducive to student learning and professional growth.

○      The Superintendent will continue to systematically guide staff through the change process to positively impact the culture and performance of the school.


  1. Systems Leadership Objective

○      The Superintendent will continue to ensure the development and implementation of a comprehensive safe schools plan that includes prevention, intervention, crisis response, and recovery.

○      The Superintendent will work with the Business Manager to prepare and present a responsible and efficient budget with an emphasis on distribution of resources in support of the District’s core mission of student growth and high academic achievement for approval by June 30th, 2024.


  1. Leadership for Learning Objective

○      The Superintendent will ensure that the adopted curricula, instructional practices, and associated assessments are implemented within a Standards Aligned System.

○      The Superintendent will hold all staff accountable for setting and achieving rigorous performance goals for all students and will work with the administrative team to develop and utilize processes which protect teachers from disruption of instructional and preparation time.


  1. Professional and Community Leadership Objective

○      The Superintendent will operate in a fair and equitable manner with personal and professional integrity.

○      The Superintendent will work with the administrative team to design structures and processes which result in parent involvement and community engagement, as well as support and ownership for the school.

○      The superintendent will establish a community forum to allow community members to relay their concerns and questions regarding District matters.