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Superintendent Performance Objectives

2022-2023 - Performance Objectives

Thor R. Edmiston, Ed.D. - Superintendent 


  1. Strategic Cultural Leadership Objective

    • The Superintendent will work systematically and collaboratively with members of the community, the WRCEF, the administrative team, and the Board of Directors to continue to work towards fostering a safe, caring, and inclusive school community that preserves Warrior Run’s heritage, embraces diversity, and promotes civic responsibility, respect, dignity, and character.

    • The Superintendent  and administrative team will utilize multiple data sources to drive effective decision making for student growth and continuous academic improvement.

  2. Systems Leadership Objective

    • The Superintendent will work with the Business Manager and administrative team to ensure that the school processes and systems for budgeting, staffing, and communicating expectations are implemented and executed efficiently and effectively to foster financial responsibility, staff accountability, and high academic student achievement. 

    • The Superintendent will work with the Business Manager to prepare and present a responsible and efficient budget with an emphasis on distribution of resources in support of the District’s core mission of student growth and high academic achievement for approval by June 30th, 2023.

  3. Leadership for Learning Objective

    • The Superintendent will work with the administrative team to ensure the linkage of curriculum, instruction, assessment, data on student learning and teacher effectiveness based on research and best practices.

    • The Superintendent will work with the Board of Directors, administrative team, architects, engineering firm, and construction firm to finalize the construction of, ensure a successful move to, and establish the educational goals of the Warrior Run Elementary School.

  4. Professional and Community Leadership Objective

    • The Superintendent will promote the success of all students, the positive interactions among building stakeholders, and the professional growth of staff by acting with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner.