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District Mission Statement

Our Warrior Run mission is to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and continual growth where students are invested in their future, are inspired by rigorous and meaningful learning experiences, and encouraged to think, innovate, and create.


 District Vision Statement

Our Warrior Run vision is to be an exemplary, student-centered learning community where students develop knowledge and skills to positively influence a diverse, interconnected, and changing world.


District Educational Goals:


2022 Goals-Mission


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District Shared Value 

In the Warrior Run School District, excellence is our goal; therefore, we believe:

  • all students have the capacity to learn based on their individual skills, passions, and interests.

  • everyone has worth and must be treated with dignity and respect.

  • meaningful learning of high standards can occur any time and in any place.

  • intellectual growth occurs when learners are empowered and engaged in their learning.

  • learners will do challenging work when failure is embraced as a valuable part of the learning process and they feel safe and valued.

  • parents and community members are valuable partners and must be involved in their schools.

  • that every member of the school community contributes to student learning and should be a continuous learner.

  • all of our employees must function as a team, advocate for students, create capacity, and build community.

  • moral values of responsibility, reliability, self-control, and integrity are critical for individual and collective success.