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Warrior Run Community Schools Coordinator

Helping match resources to families

What is the Community Schools Coordinator?

The Community Schools Coordinator is a liaison between the school district and the families to obtain resources needed to make each student reach their fullest potential.  Any need a student's family may have can be brought to the attention of the coordinator.  Warrior Run's Coordinator is Mrs. Rebecca Perruquet, a familiar face to the Warrior Run School District.  After 7 years as Principal in the District, I know how academics are influenced by social and emotional needs.  It is my job to create an environment  where families feel supported in the educational process of their children and that we work together to create an environment where all students can learn! 

Some examples of where I can be of assistance:

A family may need food, need help applying for medical assistance, need help seeking mental or behavioral health services, need help with housing, transportation, clothing, afterschool programming, daycare, nursing services, and a plethora of other needs-these services are free through the Warrior Run School District and in conjunction with the United Way.

Please contact with any needs or call at 570-649-5135, ext 4022.

IF the school determines there is a need for your student, I may be reaching out to you.