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Helping Students Find Their Strength

Supportive learning environments help children discover their individual strengths, celebrate them, and use them across all areas of learning. Discovering individual and collective strengths can build children’s resiliency and ability to meet challenges successfully. This capacity is essential to success in school and life.


As a parent/guardian, or an adult working with students in the school or community, you can help build and celebrate children's individual strengths:

  • Help identify your children’s individual strengths. Explore how they might differ from those of their siblings or classmates and why they can make a difference.

  • Have discussions celebrating each other’s strengths. No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. 

  • Pay it forward. Challenge your children to use their strengths to help someone this week, such as teaching a friend to play a sport or helping a classmate with a project.

  • Use your strengths to make a difference. Give them the opportunity to volunteer with a local cause such as the Special Olympics or The Red Cross. 

  • Focus on the future. Have students set goals that utilize their strengths. Incorporate other children or students for a group goal!