McKinney-Vento Act

PA Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homeless Program, and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title X, Part C



Homeless Students (McKinney Vento Act) Warrior Run School District recognizes its obligation to ensure that homeless students have access to the same educational programs and services provided to other district students. The district shall make reasonable efforts to identify homeless children within the district, encourage their enrollment, and eliminate existing barriers to their attendance and education, in compliance with federal and state law and regulations. If you, or anyone you know is homeless, please contact the homeless coordinator, Julie Petrin, at (570) 649-5138, extension 5011







Pennsylvania Department of Education

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

October 21, 2015



To:                           All LEAs


From:                     Matthew Stem, Deputy Secretary


Subject:               The Education for Homeless Youth Basic Education Circular (BEC) has been revised along with a revised Child Accounting Document



The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) announces the revision of the Basic Education Circular (BEC) and the Child Accounting Guidelines.  Section VII of the Education for Homeless Youth BEC has been revised.  If PDE-4605 is disclaimed and a school district of residence cannot be determined, the educating school district should submit a written request to PDE’s School Services Office to make a determination regarding the student’s “ward of the state” status.


The Child Accounting Guidelines have also been updated with this information, and the charter/cyber school information has been updated to read:


“Does the McKinney-Vento Act apply to Pennsylvania charter schools?


Yes. A Pennsylvania charter or cyber charter school (“charter school”) must follow the Act’s requirements for LEAs, including designating a liaison, identifying homeless students, and ensuring immediate enrollment. Effective July 1, 2015, if the student is enrolled in a charter school, the school district of origin will remain financially responsible for the education of the student unless and until the student is no longer deemed homeless.


The charter school must enroll a homeless student as long as other students living in the same area would be eligible to attend the school if classroom space is available. If the charter school has particular skills-related entrance requirements, the student must meet those criteria (for example, a fine arts charter school with requirements related to artistic ability). However, enrollment deadlines must be waived for students experiencing homelessness.”


This information can be accessed on PDE’s website at, search word: Homeless Education. If there are any questions, please call Sheldon Winnick, State Coordinator, at 717-783-6466. 



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