1:1 Initiative


Getting Started: Parents are required to review the following 3 documents for Warrior Run School District Device initiative.


1 - High School Device Guide

2 - Middle School 7-8 Grade Device Guide

3 - Middle School 4-5-6 Grade Device Guide

4 - HS/MS Device Agreement & Maintenance Plan

5 - Acceptable Use Policy

6 - Filtering & Secuity Information


The goal of the 1:1 Initiative program at the Warrior Run School District is to: 

  • Shape a new vision of teaching with integrated digital resources where the teacher is the facilitator of personalized learning  
  • Engage students using differentiated and relevant real-time content at their level
  • Use project-based, inquiry-based, and collaborative, flexible learning as primary instructional strategies 
  • Encourage innovation in student creation and demonstration of their learning
  • Embed global awareness and digital citizenship into daily activities 
  • Foster reflective practices using data and self-analysis 

Chromebook Information

  • 8 second startup time
  • 8-10 hour battery life
  • Less maintenance 
  • Resistant to viruses
  • Automatic updates
  • Easier management
  • Support from Google
  • Lower cost of ownership than traditional laptops
  • Files stored safely in the cloud and not on the hard drive
  • No compatibility issues for students working at home
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