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Food & Nutrition Services Director: Beth Hufnagel, 



Welcome to Warrior Run Food Services!  We aim to provide attractive, healthy meals daily which conform to the National School Breakfast and School Lunch Guidelines. 

We continue to increase our offerings of whole grain rich, low fat, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Each school has at least two entree options available daily.  Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are also available daily as fruit and vegetable options in all the Cafeterias.

The portion sizes we serve are based on the National School Breakfast and School Lunch Guidelines.  The portions we serve are also good visual guidelines for students to use when trying to eat portion sizes based on the MyPlate. All food and beverages sold or served at our schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on USDA Dietary Guidelines and follow the meal patterns for school nutrition departments.



APPLY for Free/Reduced Meals ONLINE NOW! Direct link to meal application so they can be completed online to 1)increase the speed of approval 2)assure confidentiality and 3)assure that the Food & Nutrition Services Department receives the application  Link Available on the WRSD home page under the "Parent" tab


Pizza Party OPTION for Middle School Students ONLY:

If you would like to provide your child with a Pizza Party for his/her birthday, WR Food & Nutrition Services is now providing the Pizza Party (no outside pizza will be allowed per Principal).  The Pizza Party consists of Pizza, choice of fruit and/or vegetable, drink and birthday treat.  Reminder:  this is available for Grades 4-7 only.

Middle School Pizza Party Order Form





BREAKFAST:  $1.25          REDUCED PRICE:  $0.30

LUNCH:  $2.40              REDUCED PRICE:  $0.40



BREAKFAST:  $1.25           REDUCED PRICE:  $0.30

LUNCH:  $2.60              REDUCED PRICE:  $0.40



TO VIEW/PRINT MENUS:  Click on "SCHOOLS" at the top of the screen.  Then, from the drop down menu, choose which school you would like to view (Elementary --Middle School--High School).  Then choose "Cafeteria Menus" from the list which will appear on the left side of the screen.  Then, when the menus appear, at the top of the menus, click on the arrow next to the school menu type and then choose "Elementary", "Middle School", or "High School"  from the drop down selections.  Then click on "Show Month".  You then should see the month's menu for the school that you requested (at the top of the menu it will say the month & school).  If you would like to print the menu, click on "Print Format" at the top right hand corner of the menu screen.

FREE & REDUCED MEAL APPLICATIONS  Meal applications may be filled out anytime during the school year.  You may: 1) Apply online at School Cafe Meal Application OR 2)pick up a paper application at any of the school's main offices, OR 3)go to to complete an application online.


We continue to offer you 3 OPTIONAL meal services through on the link below):

1)  Pay online!  Use your credit card or electronic check to pay for your child's meals online  (*please note that there is a $2.49 convenience fee charged per transaction which is a required fee by the credit card processing regulations.  Warrior Run School District does NOT receive any of the convenience fees)  Please also remember that it may take 24 hours for your online payment to show up on your child's account.    You may also continue to pay using cash or check (written out to Warrior Run Food Service) at your child's cafeteria.                                  

2)  Free!! See what your child is eating  You can check online what your child has been eating for the past 30 days.  If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to limit what your child may purchase, please contact Beth Hufnagel at 570-649-2005 or

3)  Free!! Receive email "Low Account Notifications" You may set up your email account at home or work to receive notification of when your child's meal account balance is low (you will be able to set up the low amount at which it will notify you.  We recommend that you set the low notification balance to be at least equal to 2-3 meals to help prevent IOUs from occurring)

**You DO NOT have to pay online in order to use the other 2 free services of viewing your child's account and receiving email low account notifications.  Anyone may use those no matter how they pay for their child's meals.**  All these things must be done through


You can obtain your child's 5-9 digit ID number to set-up access to the online mySchoolBucks account by contacting

Ms. Beth Hufnagel at 570-649-2005 or






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