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mower Lawn Care Quotes

The Warrior Run School District is accepting quotes for lawn care services.

Newsletter February 2021 Newsletter

Each month we look to highlight the wonderful things happening around the District.  Included in this month's publication, we are highlighting Virtual Learning, Spirit Week, Bocce Ball, Scooter City, 100th Day of School, and much more.  Stay tuned as we continue feature students, faculty, and staff along with their accomplishments around the District. 

February Newsletter

Yearbook MS Yearbooks

MS Yearbooks are now on sale.

Pizza MS Student Council Fundraiser



It’s pizza time! Starting today and for the next 2 weeks, we’re (the MS Student Council) selling Pizza Kits to raise money so we can prepare for future field trips, assemblies, and activities.  To reach our goal and be successful, we need everyone’s help. It’s super easy to join the fun!  To get started follow the link below to create your very own Seller page.


You can customize your page, upload a video, create an avatar, and watch how many pizza kits you’ve sold. You’ll get your own special link to send to your friends and family so they can buy delicious pizza kits and support our fundraiser. Pizza Kits will be delivered directly to their home by FedEx, so send the link to your out of state family and friends, too. You can even post your Seller link on your social media pages.

Every kit we sell earns $6 profit and makes an impact.  Don’t forget to buy some for yourself! 

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