Warrior Run Assistance Program

Warrior Run Assistance Program


The Warrior Run Assistance Program (WRAP) is composed of teachers, counselors, nurses, and administrators who have had formal training through a state-approved program. 


The purpose of the WRAP team at the Warrior Run Middle School is to identify students who may be at risk and to remove the barriers to students' learning and school success.  The team will evaluate students referred from any source including teachers, peers, and parents.  The function of the team is to identify patterns of behavior which are associated with high risk or drug usage situations. 


Members of the middle school WRAP team are - Mrs. Judson (School Counselor), Mrs. Melton (School Counselor) Mrs. Ebner (7th Grade Science), Mr. Greb (8th Grade Science), Miss Heller (Assistant Principal), Mrs. Velte (Assistant to the Principal), Mr. McCormick (5th Grade Math/Social Studies), and Mrs. Showers (School Nurse).  You may contact them by calling the middle school at 570-649-5135.


Students, parents, and teachers are urged to contact any team member if they feel the team could be of benefit to and of our students. You may also make a referral online by clicking here.


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