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Defining the Problem

Cyberbullying is harassment and intimidation that takes place through text messages, online posts, email, or other electronic forms of communication. You might feel like their isn't much of a difference between your online life and your offline life. But cyberbullying is a specific form of bullying, with its own unique problems and challenges. And whether bullying happens at school or online, through rumors spread on bathroom walls or Facebook walls, it's not cool. 

Cyberbullying is:

Intentional. Cyberbullying doesn't happen by accident. It's made up of behaviors that are deliberate and willful. 

Harmful. Cyberbullying causes someone else humiliation, pain, or fear. 

Repeated. Generally speaking, a single hurtful email or one mean comment on an Instagram picture isn't cyberbullying. When the harassment happens many times over an extended period, or involves a lot of other people joining in as an image or post goes viral, it becomes bullying. 

Online and/or electronic. Cyberbullying happens using computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. 

With all this being said, still, MOST TEENS DO NOT CYBERBULLY OTHERS!



  1. ?Keep a Journal - include dates, times, and content of the message.
  2. Save the Evidence - save, print, download, or screen shot anything that you believe is cyberbullying.
  3. Never Retaliate - remember there is always evidence of cyberbullying so do not retalitate.
  4. Talk About It - It helps to talk about any issue that you are dealing with in life including cyberbullying. 
  5. Ignore It - sometimes others bullying so they get attention, if you don't respond they will move on. 
  6. Laugh It Off - You must really think that what was said is meant to be a harmless joke, for this strategy to work.
  7. Speak Up - Tell the person to stop if ignoring isn't working.
  8. Block the Bullying - simple enough, many sites allow you to block others. 
  9. Report It - Many of the sites allow you to report this tybe of behavior to them directly. 
  10. When to Call the Police - If you feel that cyberbullying puts your safety in danger, tell an adult right away. 

From the book Words Wound. Justin W. Patchin and Sameer Hinduja. Free Spirit Publishing, 2014. 

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