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Located along the Susquehanna Trail just north of McEwensville and west of Turbotville, the school can be reached by traveling Routes 54 from Danville , or I-180 from Milton or Muncy. Also, coming from Williamsport , Route 15 to Dewart and/or Watsontown will get you to the complex. 

Predominately a rural/suburban district, 95+% of the students are bussed to school. Most activities are held on an expansive array of playing fields immediately behind the building complex. 

Beyond the physical attributes of the facilities, the building contains a modern computerized library, a computer lab, and several laptop/Chromebook carts. 

With an enrollment averaging approximately 500 students, our student to teacher ratio is about 14 to 1. The overall climate in the middle school is one of cooperation and respect for the dignity of all who enter here.



Due to concerns about the safety of students as they travel to and from school, Warrior Run School District requires parent/guardians to call the appropriate school to report the absence of their students. This is designed to insure that students who leave home for school do arrive at school. 

Whenever students are absent from school, parents/guardians should call the school at 649-5135 ext. 3001 or 3003 as soon as possible but no later than 8:30 am with the following information: Student’s name, grade, reason for absence. Students are not to report themselves absent nor should friends, neighbors, siblings, etc. make such calls. 

If a parent has not called the school by 8:30 am, school officials will be calling parents at home and/or work to verify the absence. 

When students return to school, they must present written excuses from home. This must be presented on the DAY OF RETURN. The reason for the absence must be clearly stated with a parental signature. Even though a call is made, an excuse is required. 

Failure to present an excuse within three school days of return to school will result in the absences being permanently recorded as unexcused or illegal.



We are a public school with an average enrollment of 500 students and we house grades 5-8.  Our school year starts during the last week of August and continues through to June.  We have approximately 38 professional staff member and 9 support staff.

The grading period consists of four marking periods and two semesters.  The following is the grading system we use here at the middle school:

90-100 = Excellent

80-89 = Good

70-79 = Average

65-69 = Poor

64-Below = Failing


Honor roll consists of students who have earned at least an 83 overall average for the marking period, with no grade less than 80.  Distinguished Honor Roll consists of students who have earned a 93 overall average for the marking period with no grade less than 90. 


All students in grades five through eight take the following courses: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social studies or History, Art, Music, Health/Guidance, Physical Education, Industrial Arts and Family & Consumer Science.  5th grade students have a Digital Citizenship Class in place of FCS. 

In addition, classes in remedial math and reading are offered.  Instrumental music, chorus, robotics, enrichment programs, and numerous Academic Excellence activities are offered for those students who qualify.  Interscholastic athletic programs in football, field hockey, basketball, soccer, and wrestling are available.  Cheerleading and an extensive intramural program are also offered. 

The Warrior Run Middle School provides equal opportunity in all programs offered.  The district does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, or handicap.


Contact Us

Mrs. Amanda Velte, Assistant to the Principal
Phone: 570-649-5135

Mrs. Andrea Landis, Assistant Principal 7-12
Phone: 570-649-5135
Mrs. Pam Barnhill, MS Principal Secretary
Phone: 570-649-5135 x3001
Mrs. Dee Snyder, Office Secretary
Phone: 570-649-5135 x3003
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