Last Updated: 10/9/2018 2:45 AM

Why does Attendance Matter?

1. You will likely earn better grades.  Research shows a clear link to students coming to school and achieving better.

2. Starting good habits now will carry over into the workforce when you get there.  Being on time is something that your employer will value. 

3. You are more likely to stay out of trouble with the law.  Studies show that 78% of the people in prison had a first arrest for school truancy.

4. You will be more likely to graduate.

Excuses for not attending school may seem like good excuses at the time, but they only hurt the student in the end. 

Some commonly heard excuses:

1. Classes are boring/stupid/dumb.  Our teachers work hard to make the learning experience at Warrior Run Middle School relevant to the students.

2. I don't like my teacher/school.  We will all encounter people in our life that we do not get along with.  However, the teacher is the person in charge of the classroom and deserves respect. 

3. I feel stupid.  Classes at Warrior Run Middle School are heterogeneously grouped, meaning that there are students of all intelligencies and competencies in the classes.  Our teachers work hard to create many group learning environments where students can help each other. 


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