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Elementary Project Update


December 15, 2017 Update

At the Monday, December 18th Board Meeting, Michael Bell from Breslin Architects will be on site to share the preliminary sketch of a proposed elementary school.

October 23, 2017 Update

The School Board authorized Breslin Architects to move forward with Schematic Design.  In addition, HRG was authorized to complete the Site Survey of the main campus.  

October 10, 2017 Update

At the Tuesday, October 10th Work Session, Michael Bell from Breslin Architects and Erin Threet from HRG presented options before the Board as a result of the submission of the Act 537 Plan to DEP.  Click here to access the presentation by Breslin Architects.  At the October 23rd board meeting, the Board will consider one of the options presented on Tuesday evening.

October 5, 2017 Update

The Lewis Township Supervisors approved a resolution to submit the Act 537 Plan to DEP at their October 4th township meeting.  The Township's Sewer Operator reiterated that the Schell & Koch Road project is separate to the minor improvements at the existing plant.  He also noted that the Township's responsibility to address Schell & Koch Road stems to the original Act 537 Plan already on file at DEP.  As a result, the new Act 537 Plan includes an updated implementation schedule along with a schedule for the minor improvements covered by the MOU.  At the Tuesday, October 10th Work Session, representatives from Breslin Architects and HRG will be present to speak about possible next steps along with potential timelines regarding an elementary building project.  The Work Session will begin at 7:00pm in the High School Auditorium.

September 25, 2017 Update

The Warrior Run School Board voted 6-3 to approve the MOU with Lewis Township.  The MOU outlines the District's commitment to fund the minor improvements to the existing Lewis Township Sewer Plant at a cost of approximately $520,000.  Of particular note, the Township has told the District that regardless of an elementary project, there would be improvements needed at the plant for which the District would be responsible.

August 24, 2017 Update

Dear Warrior Run Community,

Over the past six years, the Warrior Run School District has worked to develop plans to address aging facilities along with the decline in enrollment.  In 2014, a district-wide Feasibility Study was completed with an emphasis on elementary school options.  The feasibility study explored all possible scenarios from renovation to new construction.  Subsequently, the School Board voted to begin planning for the funding and construction of a new elementary school that would be located on or in close proximity to the middle school/high school complex.  This included the completion of an archaeological study and most recently an updated sewer study in conjunction with Lewis Township.  During this study, the engineers concluded that various enhancements to the existing sewer treatment plan in the amount of approximately $520,000 would be required in order for a new elementary school to be constructed on the main campus.  At the August 28th board meeting, the school board will consider the approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with Lewis Township regarding the funding of the sewer plant improvements.  The school board will also consider moving forward with the construction of a new elementary school on the main campus contingent upon DEP’s approval of the Act 537 Plan.  The District welcomes comments and feedback from the community regarding both the approval of the MOU and the construction of a new elementary school at the meeting.  The board meeting will be held in the high school auditorium on August 28th beginning at 7:00pm.

June 28, 2017 Update

Due to additional revisions received from Lewis Township, the School Board chose to pull the MOU from its agenda on Monday evening upon recommendation of the District Solicitor to further review the revisions.  The School Board is encouraging community members to provide greater input regrading the decisions that need to be made related to the elementary school project.  Should community members have questions, please contact a board member or the Superintendent.  

May 23, 2017 Update

The District remains in negotiations with Lewis Township regarding the funding of an upgrade to the existing Lewis Township Plant.  The District approved a Parameters Resolution for the borrowing of the first bond.  As requested, below is a summary of the projected savings and costs for consolidating the elementary schools during the 16-17 school year.  Please note that some of these costs would likely have been completed without the consolidation (i.e. Secure Entrance & A/C).

Warrior Run School District        
Elem Reconfiguration Savings     Elem Reconfiguration Costs  
Total Salaries $880,251.00   Parking Lot Re-seal $17,500.00
Less Cafe $21,914.00   A/C $12,699.76
Gen Fund Savings $858,337.00   Secure Entrance $19,245.00
Unemployment $62,500.00   Misc.* $14,863.40
Adjusted Savings $795,837.00   *Includes MS Playground, New Carpet, Rental Truck, Phone Hookup  
Utility Savings - WT $59,275.66   Total Moving Costs $64,308.16
(as of May 22nd)        
      Utility Costs - TV $21,719.99
Adjusted Savings $855,112.66   (as of May 22nd)  
Less Moving Costs $64,308.16      
Less Utility Costs - TV $21,719.99      
Final Projected Savings $769,084.51      
for 2016-2017        

April 24, 2017 Update

Erin Threet presented the alternatives (regionalization with MRSA, PAWC, & Turbotville, and upgrading the Lewis Township Plant) to the school board at the April COW meeting.  The least costly alternative is to upgrade the existing Lewis Township Plant at a cost of $520,000.  Members of the school board will be meeting with township supervisors to discuss the alternatives.   

April 7, 2017 Update

At the April 11th COW meeting, Erin Threet will be presenting the cost analysis for upgrading the existing Lewis Township Sewer Plant.  The COW meeting will begin with the Personnel Committee (closed meeting) at 6:00pm followed by Buildings & Grounds at approximately 7:00pm in the middle school library.  There are a number of B & G topics to be covered with Erin's presentation slated to begin at or around 7:30pm.

January 11, 2017 Update

At the January 10th COW meeting, Erin Threet shared with the Board her conversations with the new Lewis Township Sewer Operator.  The current operator believes that in order for the existing plant to accept additional flow from a new elementary on the main campus, a less costly upgrade would be required.  Erin shared with the Board a revised authorization to investigate the minor upgrades and to utilize the information to complete the Act 537 Plan Study.  Preliminary conversations with funding sources did not yield positive results, thus suggesting that the majority of the proposed projects would likely be funded by the District.  In the particular case of reviewing a minor upgrade to the existing plant, the upgrade would have little to no impact on user rates if fully-funded by the District.  At the January 23rd board meeting, board members will be voting on the revised authorization as well as an amendment to the MOU with Lewis Township.  

December 2, 2016 Update

At the December 1st Work Session, Erin Threet presented updated cost estimates for the alternatives along with a user rate cost analysis.  Click here to access the document.  Additional information is being sought regarding tapping fees and funding sources (i.e. PennVest).  The latter of which may vary depending on the alternative chosen and presumably how PennVest would treat the existing debt at Lewis Township.  

November 21, 2016 Update

At the present time, Erin Threet is working on developing cost estimates for the alternatives for gaining access to sewer on the main campus.  Erin is slated to present these figures at the December 1st Work Session.  The Board is still compiling answers to a list of questions and will publish following the December 1st Work Session. 

October 25, 2016 Update

On Monday, October 24th, the school board approved the MOU between the District and Lewis Township along with the proposed agreement authorizing HRG to complete the final portion of the Act 537 Plan Study.  Board representatives met with representatives from PAWC, Lewis Township, and Turbotville Boro on Wednesday, October 19th to discuss the short- and long-term sewer plans.  The meeting provided the groundwork for moving forward with the Act 537 plan study as well as a direction for HRG while completing the study.  It is important to note that while the school board has authorized the completion of the study, the timeline below regarding the 537 Planning phase is likely to take longer than the nine months as indicated while the appropriate information is gathered.  Below is a high-level view of a proposed construction timeline with more information to follow:

October 7, 2016 Update

The letter was sent to PAWC following the September 19th board meeting, and a meeting is still currently being scheduled between all parties involved.  The Lewis Township Supervisors approved the MOU between the District and the Township at their meeting on Wednesday, October 5th which is an agreement between the two entities that outlines respective responsibilities pertaining to the Act 537 Plan Study.  


September 20, 2016 Update

At the September 19th school board meeting, the Board authorized Erin Threet to send correspondence to PAWC to discuss the short-term and long-term projects.  Below is a proposed timeline for the short-term project of securing sewer on the main campus.


September 13, 2016 Update 

Sewer Update:  Erin Threet, Engineer with HRG, presented to the Board the scope of completing the 537 planning process.  This portion of the plan would focus on regionalization with MRSA & PAWC also taking into consideration the results from the task activity report completed this past spring regarding updating the existing sewer plant.  The Board is slated to authorize Erin to submit a letter to PA American Water Company (PAWC) on behalf of the District to schedule a meeting to discuss both a short-term and long-term project.  The short-term project associated with PAWC includes securing the sewer capacity necessary for the construction of an elementary school on the main campus.  The long-term project is a conversation with PAWC regarding the stimulation of economic development along the 405 interchange.  Following the meeting with PAWC, the Board will need to decide how to move forward with the 537 Planning Process.  Timeline for completing the study is slated to be 3 months with an additional 6 months to receive approval from DEP following submission.  Total construction timeline for the short-term sewer project is estimated to be 2-3 years following approval from DEP (inclusive of permitting, bidding, construction, etc.).  

Elementary School Project Update: Updated estimated cost numbers were reviewed and a high level timeline for the whole elementary school project was briefly discussed. Based on what was learned related to the sewer planning process, the overall timeline for elementary school design and construction is still estimated at 2.5-4 years.
***Please note that construction of both an elementary school and sewer infrastructure may happen concurrently once a decision and proper approvals are made.


Archaeological Update

The District has received confirmation from the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) that the identified 7 of the 8 site locations on the main campus are not subject to further review and will not be included in the National Register.  The PA SHPO identified one location on the main campus that may potentially require further review, however, the scope of any construction project would entirely avoid this location.  As a result, the proposed location for a new elementary school on the main campus is not subject to a Phase II archaeological survey at this time.


Sewer Update (as related to new construction)

On Wednesday, July 27th, representatives from the District met with Lewis Township to discuss the next steps in completing the 537 Planning Process.  The first part of the process (Sewer Feasibility Study) was conducted in the spring of 2016 by Tom Levine Engineering which reviewed only the existing sewer plant.  The next part of the 537 Planning Process would look at potential regionalization and any available funding sources.  Additional information related to moving forward with the 537 Planning Process will tentatively be shared at the September Work Session on September 12th.


Sewer Update (as related to existing issues)

This summer, the District has taken many steps to address the items listed in the Notice of Violation (NOV) received from Lewis Township earlier this spring.  The Township has effectively rescinded the NOV, however, the District remains committed to addressing the issues outlined in the letter.  The District has retrofitted the dishroom in the high school kitchen and removed the food grinder.  The District continues to investigate the source of infiltration & inflow (I & I).  On Friday, August 5th, Turbotville Borough drained the lines at the main campus and installed a new water meter.  Connected to this event, the sewer plant experienced a significant increase in flow.  On Wednesday, August 17th, representatives of the District, Turbotville Borough, and Lewis Township attempted to recreate this event, however, no increase in flow at the plant was observed.  The District continues to work with Lewis Township & HRG to identify the source of I & I and will be taking steps to isolate the cause for an increase in flow as a result of draining the lines on the August 5th.


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